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The Schuessler App 1.6 developed by EBS helps you in the treatment of complaints with Schuessler Salts in the following 11 categories of complaints:- musculoskeletal diseases- complaints from colds- female disorder- skin diseases- diseases of your children- head diseases- gastro-intestinal complaints- injuries and wounds- diseases of civilization- dental problemswith 209 individual complaints and the twelve basic Schuessler Salts and fifteen additional salts..
Please keep in mind that there are limits to self-medicate! For example if you are suffering on fears or from depression, when changes in hormone levels take place or an overactive thyroid is suspected usually a medical treatment will be required. The same applies with other severe diseases of children or for example in the head area. Don't hesitate to consult a doctor in such situations! But the presented treatment with Schuessler salts in many cases can also help to shorten the time until a doctors visit is possible.
All informations are assembled from the know-how in our family and own experiences, from the internet and special literature in all conscience. Nevertheless we can't assume any liability for consequences, which might arise from the use of this app, because this app cannot replace doctors advice, but it can help you to improve your own knowledge.
Regardless, we wish you much success in relieving your pain!
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